Hungry for More

I am reading (listening to, I am an subscriber) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  Until the moment I pressed play on my iPod and this book began, I was never a fan of first person, present tense writing.  In fact, I had put down short stories in the past  for committing that very sin.  I usually find it tiring to read and far too confining in perspective for my tastes.  Not so in Collins’s novel (note: I stand by the possessive of Collins’s vs/ Collins’ — thank you Strunk and White!).

This novel is engrossing from the start.  Catniss, the main character, is strong yet vulnerable, and Collins manages to maintain these conflicting feelings throughout, even as the sixteen-year-old must fight for her family, her district, and even her life in the Hunger Games.  This is the kind of YA novel that encourages me to keep pushing hard by showing me what fine writing really means.

Today’s word count in Toney Tuesday = 26,866.  Too bad I must work a real job, else it would be much higher.

— david j.


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