Wait, What’s Word Press?

It’s been some time since I spoke into the void.  I have spent the last few months working to improve and grow my MMA business (Kicks MMA).  That is no excuse to stop writing, but I did put the novel down for a while.  Sorry void.

The good news is I’m back.  I have reached the midpoint of my YA novel, Scion of Wornten.  Toney and Sam have met Ashlyn and things didn’t go over well.  I don’t know if these kids will ever become anything like Harry, Ron and Hermione (not friendship wise anyhow), but that’s part of the fun.

I never thought I was one of those writers who likes to divulge his word count every day, but I guess everything changes eventually.  I like the idea of speaking it quietly into the void so that the void can repeat it back tomorrow.  That way I have tangible proof that I either made progress or else procrastinated.

Let there be progress.

— david j.


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