Down a cross street over yonder

Novels are not linear — not when you’re writing them.  That is the lesson I’ve learned these past several months.  I am constantly consulting my outline, character sheets, and other road maps that seem to be blowing all about me in a tempest just so I can figure out where I’m at in the STORY.

Ashlyn wants to go home, but she also wants to become an accomplished Warder.  At first she wants the latter to accomplish the former, but as time passes she realizes her Gifts are part of her and she has every reason, even above trying to escape Padrone, to master them.   Her quandary at this point: do I give up escape in order to assist the underground movement, or can I help them more by running?

My quandary:  will any of this make sense once the book is “finished”?  And, will it ever really be complete?

— david j.

One Comment

  1. Sounds as if your characters came alive and you went from creating a sotry to recording one. Is that what you meant by writer->clerk? Perhaps to a poet, to conjure emotional experience from his reader become far more important than the schematic details most find uninteresting?


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