Progress report:

I am about 90% done with the first draft of my anthology entry for Dead Robots’ Society.  I’m excited about this one even though I’ve had to slap it together in a hurry (the deadline is 31 Dec).  It involves upright walking, talking rabbit people with some steampunk elements and my invented religion, Pointism.

As for my novel, Scion of Wornten, it’s hard to say where I’m at in the rewrites.   Over the last two weeks I’ve managed to redefine two of the main characters.  One of them needed only a little nudge in the right direction; the other required (is still begging for in some spots) a major overhaul.  These changes coupled with two major revelations about the politics of my invented government have at once slowed my progress and set my imagination ablaze.  I’m more excited about this book then I was at the beginning.

Despite the feeling that I’m rewriting every blessed word of the thing, I am making steady progress towards my January deadline.  Later, I may allow myself to push that back into Feb, but not yet.  I don’t want any excuse to slack off.

— david j.

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