Best Laid Plans for Vice and Sin

I only wrote 1404 words this morning, but I believe I’ve finally made real progress on chapter 11, which has been a beast for me this last week. I didn’t keep a tally, but I would say I probably wrote and discarded somewhere on the order of 15,000 words on this chapter so far. I’ve changed the setting three different times and recast it just as many. It’s been frustrating.

Here’s what I learned:
1. A mix of strong plotting/outlining coupled with free writing works best for me when I’m having this sort of trouble.
2. This chapter is a big reveal point. I was having trouble because I wasn’t really certain how/what I wanted to reveal. I could have taken several logical paths from this point in the novel and each would have informed subsequent chapters by divers means.
3. The best laid plans of vice and sin will always fall apart once the characters get ahold of the plot. My original plot outline took a big hit at this point in the novel because I found something better.
4. When you think you’ve covered all the bases think again.


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