Today’s Word: Yankee

Excerpt: South Carolina State Funded Genealogical Research Initiative
Date: December 22, 1983
Location: Robinson Retirement Home
Cassette Series: IJ83 – JR34
Subjet: Lonzo W. Simms
Age: 87

*NOTE: Interview Disgarded*

Interviewer: Mr. Simms, can you tell us a bit about your memories of Christmas. We’re most interested in how the season has changed since your youth.

Mr. Simms: What you want to know?

Interviewer: Let’s start with Santa Claus. How has the image of Santa Claus changed from the time when you were a child?

Mr. Simms: I never cottoned to Claus, sir.

Interviewer: Oh? Why is that, Mr. Simms.

Mr. Simms: (In hushed voice) Don’t you know where that man’s from, son?

Interviewer: (Pause) The North Pole?

Mr. Simms: Yep. Yankee.

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