The Tenth Death

Part 4

Again the bishop motioned for the guards to set about their grisly work.  The larger of the two called forth a holographic keypad in the air.  He tapped out a selection and the pad disappeared, replaced by a shimmering bowl-shaped force field like heat waves in the air, floating before the High Sage.  Into this the second guard poured water from a large pitcher.

“Confess and accept the sacrament of the All-Point.” said Sonje.


The bishop nodded and the guards forced the High Sage’s buck-toothed face into the water.  He struggled against them, but could do little with his arms and legs bound.  Sonje wanted to look away, but he could not.  If he was going to order the death of a fellow sentient the least he could do was watch the noble creature expire.

After some minutes the deed was done.  The guards disposed of the water and the Sage’s drenched corpse hung in its restraints, staring dully at the floor.

“It is a horrible thing we do,” said Tock.

Sonje said nothing.  He made his recordings and activated the Sage’s Time-Tag.

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