Trail Mix

One of the most interesting things about being a writer who has yet to publish, and here I’m talking professionally, i.e. getting paid pro rates, is the crowded loneliness of the trek.  Day after day I wake up early (around 4-4:30Am), plunk my sleepy self down in front of the computer, and go a’dreaming.  My wife and children are sleeping.  The house is dark save for my little office (our dining room).  And the sun is nowhere in sight.  I’m alone with my book.

Fiction writing as a vocation is lonely work.  You might slave for years on a project, working day after day  cobbling together little bits of story before you have anything even remotely ready for outside eyes.  That sort of deprivation can get discouraging .  Without encouragement it’s easy to start wondering why you’re putting out all this effort when you’re probably just going to be rejected.

That’s why I so appreciate those writers who have chosen to help their fellow wordsmiths.  These kind people lend their voices (written and/or audible) to the cause of encouragement, education and promotion.  For me, these podcasts and mail-blasts are like trail mix, sustaining me on this long road to publishing and, hopefully, building a career as a novelist.

Here are just a few I use:

Mur Lafferty 

Writing Excuses

David Farland (aka Wolverton)

David Farland’s Writers’ Groups

Thanks Guys,


— david j.




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