Draft Dodging

I have reached a stopping point in the first draft read-through on Scion of Wornten.  Although I’ve only sent out 20 or so chapters to alpha readers, I’ve decided to abandon draft one in lieu of Mr. 2.  Once I get this draft done I’ll send the entire thing out to beta readers — alphas can be betas if they like.

Taking the work as a whole, I have reformatted the chapters for (I hope) better pacing and more resonance.  Some chapters I will discard, writing others to take their place.  Others shall remain, but I’ll shuffle them around a bit for better coherence.

So now I’m officially started on the second draft.  I wrote the prologue yesterday, with a bit added this morning.  Here’s the first line:

It had been two weeks since Princess Ashlyn Ressen last shot fire from her fingertips.  

My goal now is to complete at least the second draft by July 31.  I believe I can do it.

— david j.


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