It Gets Easier

Realizing that the rough draft is little more than an outline writ large (see what I did there?) has been a pivotal paradigm shift in my approach to novel construction.  Once, though I knew better than to edit as I wrote, I would agonize over the words I typed, slowing my progress to a crawl.  I have since adopted the following mantra: pretty in post!  So long as I’m (mostly) true to my outline and I believe in my character motivations, I write with abandon.  Seriously, I abandon the words on the page and simply watch the movie playing in my head.  Whatever words happen to hit the keyboard during a certain scene serve mostly to remind me what I imagined on the first pass.  Then, in subsequent drafts, I refine the scene from mere verbal cues pointing at a mental tableau into prose others can digest in order to receive the same (well close tot he same) image.

What an amazing feat of, albeit slow, telepathy.

Oh, and I updated my counters to reflect 70% completion for NaNo.  That puts me at about 44% for the full rough draft of The Doorlands.


— david j.


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