Progress Bars and Other Stuff

I updated my progress bars to better reflect what I’m doing.  As of this writing I am 55% through my goal wordage for The Doorlands rough draft.  Since that book and my NaNo challenge novel are one in the same, this point coincides with 85% completion of the NANOWRIMO challenge for me.

I’m excited on both counts.  This was my first NaNo–I may well do this every year!–and the novel I chose was one that’s been on my mind lately.  Pushing through it this fast, to my honest surprise, hasn’t left me feeling lost or unfulfilled or even desperate to launch a rewriting jihad.  Who has time?  And, even better, I feel like I’m tying up all the threads better in this first draft than I did in my last novel.  I attribute this to have things fresh on my mind.  I wrote chapter one of this book last week and now I’m on chapter fifteen.  A lot has happened between those two writings (for me and my characters), but I feel as though I can recall them better for the brevity between creative sessions.   I took months to write my previous novel (the second one I’ve written).  Subsequently, many promises I made to the reader, especially those that came off the cuff in the pursuit of discovery, never paid off.  In The Doorlands, however, I think I’m keeping a better accounting of what’s passed and how it should affect the future.  I hope.


— david j.


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