It Gets Better

My novel perceptions by word count:
0 words – This is the best idea I’ve ever had!
2,500 words –  Agents are going to be beating down my door.
10,000 words – Ok, the main character did some unexpected thing, but I can fix that later
25,000 words – Where am I going with this?  Oh well, it’s still a great idea
50,000 words – Holy crap, who am I kidding?  This book sucks.
65,000 words – Had a great new idea for a novel today.  I should just drop this stinky old thing and start fresh.
70,000 words – This is the worst thing I’ve ever written.  How did I ever think this was a good idea?  But…I’m so close to done.  I’ll just finish–chalk it up to experience.
90-120k words – Finally!  Thank God that’s done.  I never want to see this novel again.
Months later during rewrites: Hey, this is pretty good.  Did I write this?

— david j.

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