Updates and Sprinting Ahead

I updated my progress bar for The Doorlands.  I am now at 90%, which puts me within 2-3 chapters of finishing the rough draft.  I say 2-3 because I may add an epilogue.  Otherwise, I’ve got just 2 chapters to go.

After that I will do a read through looking for major flaws.  I’m already aware of at least two.  The first is a simple matter of better explanation for some key concepts.  The second was caused by shifting focus mid-novel.  It simply requires some revised drafting for  agreement’s sake between earlier chapters and later.

This book is the cleanest draft I have ever written.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to pull a Heinlein of Spillane and just dash off a completed draft in a few days with almost no revisions.

Probably not.


— david j.


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