I love books.  In fact, I daresay I love the written word.  Novels are my first choice, preferably science fiction and fantasy, but nearly any sort of book will do.  My shelves teem with biographies and books on success, how-to manuals on structuring my own novels and even mainstream tales (I’m a fan of Anne Tyler!)

I’m tempted to write a list of my favorite books and authors here, but I’m afraid such a list would bore the reader.  It would be too long to earn more than a passing glance and, perhaps, a grin of agreement or twinge of distaste.  Instead, I’d like to list the books I read in March.

1. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss:  This was the second time I’ve read this wonderful fantasy novel and it was just as good if not better the second time.  Nobody can write a frame story in this modern age and get away with it…nobody but Rothfuss.

2. Old Man’s War by John Scalzi: A bit cliche in spots, but what are you going to do?  It’s a fun book, and I love the premise.

3/4. I Don’t Want to Kill You and Mr. Monster by Dan Wells:  What a fun series.  Though I’ve heard people complain that Dan copied Dexter, I never read the Dexter novels nor watched the show, so these books are creepy fun for me.  I think Mr. Monster was my favorite John Cleaver novel overall.

5. Partials by Dan Wells:  What can I say?  Dan did a signing in Atlanta and I bought a handful of books from him.  Partials tells the story of the last remaining human beings living on Long Island, just a tiny remnant of humanity left from a word devastated by war and a horrid virus.  Though some of the technology left me scratching my head, like iPods that are virtually still the same in the future even though society fell many years after current times, I enjoyed this book and I’ll definitely read the next one.

6. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by PKD:  I’m in the middle of this one–can’t believe I never read it before.  I’m late to the PKD party, but I’m liking the music and the company so far.  I’ve read VALIS which, despite being surreal to the point of insanity, was great fun.  Do Androids is even better.  Although it seems a bit uneven in places, with the characters going against earlier decisions and past reasoning from previous chapters, overall it a great read.  Also, so far, it’s nothing like the movie Blade Runner…well, hardly anyway.

What books have you read lately?  Are they good?

— david j.


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