E is for Extremely Sore!

So I’m halfway through the first week of P90X and I’m just about as sore as I’ve ever been in my life.  Work today was agony.  I didn’t think to take any pain relief (stupid on my part) so I had nothing to take the edge off.  Just getting up and down is a slow, excruciating crucible, and don’t talk to me about stairs!

But I’m trying to keep the pain in perspective.  I’m sure I hurt almost this much the first time I went through this program (not quite as much since I was active in martial arts back then and in at least reasonable shape).  And I keep telling myself that the pain is a tradeoff since I get to sit at desk 8+ hours a day.  It’s like an all day rest.  Also, wherever I hurt, I must be making some changes…right?  If that’s true, then every part of my body is going to be Adonis-like a few months.

Oh, and I’ve kept the four pounds off.  Maybe I kill one more before Sunday.

On the writing front, I have made good progress in my novel, Scion of Wornten.  I’m focusing this rewrite on drumming up intrigue in the overarching mystery.  The reader will know early what’s going on, but the characters have to piece it all together knowing far less.

And when I’m feeling burned out on Scion, I continue working my zombie novella.  The goons are starting to dance and things are getting creepy.


— david j.


  1. It’s hard, but well worth the effort. Tony makes no bones about the real way to lose weight and gain muscle: good, old fashioned diet and exercise.

    — david j.


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