F is for Finally Fixing Failed Fiction

I’m on the third draft of my YA novel.  The first two passes were dedicated to restructuring major story elements so that they make sense, especially in regards to continuity.  This involved heavy rewrites to include several new chapters taking the place of crap that just didn’t fit.

Now that I’m on the third draft I’m focusing on character.  One of my main characters has been suffering from an unintentional personality disorder levied on her by me, the poor thing.  I didn’t mean for her to come off schyzo, but she seemed to have a different personality every other chapter.  Now I’m systematically merging her two sides as I go along, and I hope this delicate surgery pays off.  If anybody’s going to have a dual personality in my novels I want it to be a plot device, not a book breaker.

I figure I’ll probably end up writing 6 to 8 drafts of this book before I deem it finished enough to show an agent or editor.  How many drafts do you write (short stories/novellas/novels)?


— david j.

One Comment

  1. I hope the process is enjoyable for you, at least at some level. Sounds like some major reworking going on.

    As for me, if I ever manage to finish a first draft of either of my books, I’ll let you know, lol. My problem is, the more I think about the story and the characters, the more I want to add… I have little self-restraint… Ah, well, first world problems, eh?

    Good luck.

    Dave the Goof


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