H is for High Spirit

Mine enemy, thy name is monotony.

My wife and I are at that age when parents lose their lives to work, kid activities, and the daily grind of keeping up house and home (don’t ask us about laundry and dishes and yard work).  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up a high spirit.  Sometimes we forget to smile and laugh and joke as we high-five on the way out the door.   We turn sour–not hateful or even angry, just focused and sort of gray.  That’s easy when you’re down in a rut, missing the sun.

This desultory attitude usually translates to my writing.  Sometimes I don’t even notice it till I look back and realize I’ve lost my happy.  Because it always tells in the writing.  If I’m not excited about the story it becomes dull indeed.

When this happens I try to remember what made me excited about the project in the first place.  What got me writing those first 500 words and kept me going through 90,000?  And there it is, my high spirit, right where I dropped it–usually on my toe.

All I have to do is pick it up.


— david j.



  1. Great image there, of your high spirit landing on your toe. When I was dealing with the laundry for six children and two adults, I realized that the only way to ever catch up was to make everyone go naked for day.

    I decided not catch up. =D


  2. David, this post caught my attention, because you’ve also described that place my own family finds itself in, more often than not. School runs, activities, work, looking forward to the weekend, but when we get there, being a little too exhausted to make the most of it. The same thing comes out in my own writing, so thanks for offering a pickmeup.


  3. I don’t have the school runs yet people still wonder where I find the time to write and do everything else. I liked this post and I’m sure many will relate to it.
    Good luck with the AtoZ


  4. Losing the high spirit – so true… for me it was losing Fred, George and Hugo, my three heroes. I’m promoting and publishing, but finding it difficult to write new stories. Good think I wrote while the muse was with me.


  5. Sometimes we all forget to smile and get too trapped on our daily routines but I always look at my kids and how happy they seem playing with the simplest of things. Their innocent laughs and jokes remind me that life is more than work. Nice post.

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress


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