Less Me = More Free

In the last month I have dropped just about 12lbs, which took 3 inches off my belly.  Though I’m sore, and a bit fatigued, I can already tell that I’m able to do more in every facet of my fitness to include strength, flexibility, and stamina.  Coming from the absolute worst shape of my life these improvements seem like a step towards freedom.

For a couple of years now I have felt fat and, in many physical senses of the word, useless.  Just a few months ago I helped a friend move, and was surprised at how quickly I became winded walking back and forth from the house to the moving van.  Worse, my muscles shook when I lifted the end of a dresser.

I don’t want to be a slave to my poor fitness, or worse, a bigger target for heart disease than I already am, since that fat man’s ailment runs in my family.  Freedom for me is fitness.  Maybe not Olympic level fitness, but fitness for life, meaning the ability to keep up with my kids, climb a tree, jump on the trampoline, and a hundred other little things that shouldn’t be any concern for a healthy man in the prime of his life.

So I’m readopting my old motto from Kicks MMA: Train for Life.  That’s my personal mantra now.

–david j.


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