Something old, something new…

So…I’ve been flirting with a new novel idea.  No.  I haven’t yet finished Scion.  At this point I’ve begun to wonder if I ever will.  Though some parts of it shine I can see that it is heavily flawed, and though I still plan to finish writing it by the end of this month, I have begun to despair about its future.  Now this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on it.  I will finish writing it.  But I don’t know if its ever going to pass muster with agents/editors.  It might just remain a trunk novel–something I wrote for the experience.  Or maybe one day it will be a mega bestseller.  I dunno.

But, as is usually the case for me, the next project looks killer.  I plan to write a novel about Succubi / Incubi.  In the last week I have pretty much laid out the bones of this novel.  It is coming together quickly, each part fitting just the way I want inside the outline.  Will I say the same when it comes to rewriting?  Probably not, but right now I’m infatuated.  I’d go so far as to say I’m married to the idea of penning this book in June.  June is, after all, one of the Nanowrimo summer camp months.  So why shouldn’t I pound out a rough draft throughout the month.  I’d like to end the first draft around 90k words and I think that is doable.   More than that, it’s exciting.


— david j.

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