Two Seperate Realizations

1.  I should have no double standard for my children when it comes to manners.

Lately, my five-year-old has developed the habit of following me to the bathroom, knocking on the door, and asking if I’m going #1 or #2.  I  told him that was rude and he should wait patiently in the living room.

Today, as soon as we got back from the gym, he ran to the bathroom.  I knocked and asked if he was going #1 or #2, not to be funny or mimic him, but because there are practical complications to I must be involved in whenever he does the latter XD.  But then I immediately remembered what I had said to him earlier in the day and felt like a real hypocrite.  He may be young, but when it comes to manners he is due every courtesy an adult would expect.  In the future I’m going to hold my tongue, have some patience, and just be ready.

2.  I’m proud of this one because I really feel it’s true though I have no medical backing.  I believe losing weight is tough, because the body has no desire to lose calories at anything approaching a fast rate.  Evolution has taught the human body that food stores are precious, ie fat is precious, our next meal may be the last for some time.  Coaxing it to let go of calories  is tough, because the body is frugal, wanting to conserve all that energy for the next famine or lion attack.

Oh, and I’ve lost 15lbs as of today.  Thank you CrossFit!  I’ve only been attending classes for three weeks, but I’m feeling all over stronger.  Notice I didn’t strong.  I’m far from that.  Just stronger.  And I like it.


— david j.

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