What’s it all about?

Well, I’m not gonna say.  It’s a new novel and one I hope to sell, so I’m not giving away the entire plot, not even to you, Void.  But I will admit–as I’ve done before–that the main character is a succubus.

I’ve had a wonderful time plotting this book.  So far it’s been relatively easy as the main plot points seemed to leap out at me complete and ready for a first draft treatment.  the hardest question I’ve had to resolve thus far was this: should I include vampires and other mythical creatures.

Short answer?  Yes.  And I’m loving it.  They have made the story far richer, and my main character’s path far more convoluted.

I’m still on track to begin writing the first draft on 01 June–sooner if I can satisfy my internal editor with a powerful ending.  I’m working on that this week, but so far it’s been the hardest part of the book.  Endings are almost always tough for me.  But I’ll come up with something.

I’m excited to get started writing.


— david j.


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