Coming Up for Air

So I haven’t blogged since the 23rd.  Sorry, Void.  But I have been writing.  Having finished my outline early, I dove into the first draft of Drawn a couple of days ago.  So far I’ve written two chapters (zero and one), and I plan to knock out chapter two tonight if my family gives me the time.  Otherwise I’ll finish it up in the morning before work.

I’m happy with the way this story is progressing though, as is always the case, I want to go back and make prose changes already.  That’s a temptation I’ll avoid.  It’s better (for me anyway) to finish the novel and leave rewrites for rewrites.  If I don’t, I’ll end up writing and rewriting until the material becomes stale and the end never happens.  A pox on that!  Instead, if all goes to plan, I will have the rough draft of this novel completed by July 1.

Here’s to the best laid plans of vice and sin.

–david j.


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