Update on Drawn

It’s morning at the House of Jones–6:30, which is early for the kids, not so much for me.  I’m eating oatmeal, trying to convince myself I don’t have to feel guilty for eating grains.  They really aren’t that bad for me!  Of course, the butter and sugar I added are another story.  I satisfy my conscience by reminding it that I’ve been working out hard lately.  I’ve lost 21 pounds.  A little fiber-rich breakfast will not add significant weight.  Nevertheless, I have paleo-guilt.

I managed somewhere between 15 and 20,000 words in my novel Drawn last weekend.  Combined with another 8,000 or so during this week, the total is nearing 30k.  With luck, and a lot more typing, I should have the first draft up to 70k-80k by the end of the month.  It’s an ambitious goal for me, but I’m gonna do it.

Drawn is coming along nicely.  There is, of course, no such thing as a perfect first draft (or complete novel for that matter), but as these things go this one is coming out incredibly clean for me.  As always when I’m dashing through I’ve left notes for myself in the prose (*NOTE: Anna picked up the rifle in chapter 15 so she has it now!)  That type of thing.  But on the whole these aren’t earth-shattering changes.  I can only hope this means I’ll have a readable (entertaining!) draft by sometime next summer.

Le sigh.

— david j.


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