Da Slog

Two days ago I was tripping merrily through this current WIP with enthusiastic abandon. Then suddenly the work became a mire, an excruciating slog for reasons I did not immediately grok. What the heck, writerly brain? Where’d you go?

The answer lay in plotting. I had maneuvered my MC into a position where he is dragging his heels while his fellow actors try to encourage him to step up and take action. That isn’t such a bad thing really. Reluctant heroes are a thing–a good thing–and a trope I’m willing to explore. Unfortunately, my recalcitrant hero is pulling this junk at the three quarters mark in the novel.

That ain’t gonna fly, Jake.

So I today re-plotted the current scene with an eye towards making my protag more willing to act. Still, he isn’t overly enthused by his options (again I think that’s a good thing), but he sees that to turn back is both cowardly and a first step down a path that could lead to innocents being harmed.

I’m still slogging through the writing, though it’s better, but at least I’m making progress.

— david j.


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